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How To Watch the 2023 CrossFit Semifinals

The 2023 CrossFit Semifinals are quick approaching, and the Video games invitations loom on the horizon. The seven CrossFit Semifinals are reside, in-person occasions across the globe that pit respective areas’ prime athletes, each People and Groups, from the 2023 CrossFit Quarterfinals in opposition to one another.

2023 CrossFit Semifinals Protection Schedule

Per CrossFit HQ:

  • All occasions for the Group and Particular person divisions might be live-streamed on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Protection on Fridays and Saturdays will start on the principle area of play (11:45 a.m. native Friday and 11:30 a.m. native Saturday).
  • The occasions on the second area (Particular person Exams One and Three, Group Take a look at Three) received’t be streamed.
    • Highlights of these occasions might be shared initially of the reside streams every day.

The Europe, Oceania, and North America Semifinals “might be streamed by CrossFit reside on Video and within the CrossFit Video games app.” The Africa, Asia, and South America reside streams might be hosted by their respective occasion organizers. All of the motion might be streamed on the CrossFit Video games YouTube channel.

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2023 CrossFit Semifinal Schedule

The 2023 CrossFit Semifinals for People and Groups are scheduled as follows:

  • Might 18-21 — North America East Semifinal | Orlando, FL
  • Might 19-21 — Africa Semifinal | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Might 25-28 — North America West Semifinal | Pasadena, CA
  • Might 25-28 — Oceania Semifinal | Tennyson, QLD, Australia
  • Might 26-28 — South America Semifinal | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • June 1-4 — Europe Semifinal | Berlin, Germany
  • June 1-4 — Asia Semifinal | Busan, South Korea

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Video games returns to Madison, WI, on Aug. 1-6. For People, 30 male and 30 feminine opponents will conflict on the Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America Semifinals. Sixty male and 60 feminine athletes will compete on the Europe and two North America Semifinals.

Twenty Groups will conflict within the Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America Semifinals, whereas 40 will compete within the Europe and North America Semifinals. Thirty male and 30 feminine opponents compete in every Age Group division through the Semifinals stage.

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2023 CrossFit Semifinals — Particular person Exercises

The 2023 CrossFit Particular person Semifinals are reside, in-person occasions comprised of the seven exercises under:

Exercise One

For time: 

Time cap: half-hour. Ladies: 180 kilos | Males: 225 kilos

Exercise Two

As many reps as attainable (AMRAP) in three minutes of:

Full three rounds, resting one minute between rounds. Every athlete’s rating is the overall reps throughout the three rounds. 

Ladies: Put on a 10-pound ruck, 24-inch field | Males: Put on a 20-pound ruck, 30-inch field

Exercise Three

For time: Semifinals Linda — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of: 

Time cap: 17 minutes

Exercise 4

For load:

Time cap: six minutes

Following the time cap, athletes could have two minutes to reset for Take a look at 5.

Exercise 5

For time:

  • Eight snatches  — Ladies: 125 kilos | Males: 185 kilos
  • Run 800 meters 

Time cap: six minutes

Exercise Six

For time:

  • 20 overhead squats — Ladies: 125 kilos | Males: 185 kilos
  • 500-meter row
  • Three handstand stroll pirouettes
  • Two seated legless rope climbs
  • 20 strict chest-to-wall handstand push-ups
  • Two seated legless rope climbs
  • Three handstand stroll pirouettes
  • 500-meter row 
  • 20 overhead squats — Ladies: 125 kilos | Males: 185 kilos

Time cap: Ladies: 16 minutes | Males: quarter-hour

Exercise Seven

Three rounds for time of:

  • Echo Bike — Ladies: 10 energy | Males: 15 energy
  • 20 toes-to-bars
  • 60-foot sandbag bear-hug carry — Ladies: 150 kilos | Males: 200 kilos

Time cap: six minutes

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2023 CrossFit Semifinal — Group Division Exams

The 2023 CrossFit Semifinals are all reside, in-person contests.

Take a look at One

4 rounds for time, with one member at every station, of:

*Athletes should change stations each spherical.

Time cap: 28 minutes

Take a look at Two

In Male/Feminine pairs for quarter-hour, full as many rounds and reps as attainable of: 

  • Three synchro muscle-ups — one companion on the rings, one companion on the bar
  • 5 synchro thrusters — Ladies: 65 kilos | Males: 95 kilos

*One pair works whereas the opposite rests, then swap.
**Add two muscle-ups and 5 thrusters after each pairs full the spherical.

Take a look at Three

As a relay (Feminine/Male/Feminine/Male), full:

Feminine one and Male one

Feminine two and Male two

  • 400-meter dash
  • 15 dumbbell bench presses —  Ladies: 60-pound dumbbells | Males: 90-pound dumbbells
  • 10 unbroken single-leg squats, leg one
  • 10 unbroken single-leg squats, leg two
  • Three handstand pirouettes

Time cap: 16 minutes

Take a look at 4

5 rounds for time, in Male/Feminine pairs, of:

Male/Feminine pair one begins:

  • Row — Ladies: seven energy | Males: 10 energy
  • 10 (every) synchro alternating dumbbell snatches — Ladies: 60 kilos | Male: 90 kilos 
  • 15 (every) 24-inch field jumps, alternating

Male/Feminine pair two begins:

  • Row — Ladies: seven energy | Males: 10 energy
  • 20 (every) synchro alternating dumbbell snatches — Ladies: 50 kilos | Male: 70 kilos
  • 10 (every) 30-inch field jumps, alternating

*When each pairs have accomplished a spherical, swap positions for the next spherical.
**Pair one will row thrice and ski two occasions.
***Pair two will ski thrice and row two occasions.

Time cap: quarter-hour

Take a look at 5

  • One minute of max-rep cleans — Ladies: 195 kilos | Males: 275 kilos

Two minutes relaxation.

  • One minute of max-rep cleans — Ladies: 215 kilos | Males: 235 kilos

Two minutes relaxation.

  • One minute of max-rep cleans — Ladies: 235 kilos | Males: 315 kilos

Take a look at Six

For time:


  • 15 worm burpees
  • 15 worm squats
  • Ladies full two legless rope climbs (every)
  • Males full 15 strict handstand push-ups (every)


  • 15 worm burpees
  • 15 worm squats
  • Ladies full three rope climbs (every)
  • Males full 20 handstand push-ups (every)


  • 15 worm burpees
  • 15 worm squats 

Time cap: 16 minutes

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Vacant Podium

The 2022 CrossFit Video games runner-up Mal O’Brien revealed on Might 16 that she wouldn’t compete within the Semifinal stage, ending her 2023 season. That leaves the Particular person Ladies’s division with two vacant slots on the rostrum from the 2022 Video games as six-time Fittest Ladies on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey ended her 2023 season on the conclusion of the Quarterfinals resulting from her being pregnant.

With a lot uncertainty heading into the 2023 Video games, the stakes of the Semifinals have definitely elevated. We’ll see who can capitalize in every contest by means of June earlier than athletes get two months of restoration earlier than the largest competitors on the 2023 CrossFit Calendar.

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