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Unilateral Dumbbell Flooring Press: How To, Advantages

The barbell bench and overhead press are the gold requirements for urgent energy and including measurement, however on the subject of unilateral coaching, a mandatory however generally undertilized coaching technique, the barbell is probably not essentially the most ideally suited choice and that’s the place the unilateral dumbbell ground press comes into play.

Lifting with two palms lets you raise extra weight for juicy positive aspects, however performing bilateral lifts—lifting either side concurrently—on a regular basis results in energy imbalances between sides. These energy imbalances, though not all the time an enormous deal, can alter the method, can result in harm niggles, and go away positive aspects on the desk.

There’s a straightforward option to remedy this downside: the unilateral dumbbell ground press. Right here we’ll dive into the whole lot dumbbell ground press so you may supersize your energy and muscle positive aspects.


Most horizontal urgent variations are carried out on a weight bench, not the dumbbell ground press. Because the title suggests, you carry out this press mendacity on the ground, which does few issues to the press. You shorten the vary of movement, which is a shoulder saver for some. When the elbow goes previous the torso within the press, it places the shoulder into exterior rotation, and in case your shoulder is bothering you, this doesn’t assist.

The shortened vary of movement places much less of a stretch on the chest; subsequently, some emphasis is taken off the chest and positioned on the triceps. Plus, since you are on the ground, you’re extra secure and obtain prompt suggestions, with lets you press extra safely.


Right here’s easy methods to carry out the dumbbell unilateral ground press with good kind.

  1. Lie in your again with a dumbbell by your facet.
  2. Roll over onto your facet, and grip the dumbbell with each palms.
  3. Roll in your again, press up, and take away one hand.
  4. You’ll be able to have your ft on the bottom or your legs prolonged. It is a matter of private desire.
  5. Decrease the dumbbell till your higher arm touches the bottom and press up till lockout.
  6. Reset and repeat after which change sides.


When urgent on the bench, you should utilize your decrease physique rigidity as a counterbalance to assist push the load. Not so on the ground, which makes the ground press a predominately an higher physique train.

Listed below are the first muscle mass educated by the unilateral ground press.

  • Chest: The preliminary push off the ground is all chest.
  • Anterior Deltoids: Assists the chest muscle with the preliminary push.
  • Triceps: As soon as your higher arm is off the ground, the triceps kick in.
  • Obliques: Each indirect muscle mass contract isometrically to stop your torso from rotating.


All unilateral workouts will enhance energy imbalances between sides in the event that they exist, lowering your harm threat and rising your positive aspects. Listed below are 4 extra important advantages of the unilateral dumbbell ground press.

  • Nice Shoulder Work Round: Due to the diminished vary of movement limiting shoulder exterior rotation, the dumbbell ground press is the right reward for these with banged-up shoulders. It’s additionally nice for learners as a result of the diminished ROM reduces aches and pains from extra important ROM actions. Plus, it helps construct the energy and management for harder lifts just like the bench press, and the elevated ground stability helps with urgent method and positioning.
  • Elevated Flex Time: The unilateral dumbbell ground press is a good train so as to add mass to the chest, shoulders, and triceps with out including extreme pressure to the shoulders because of the decreased vary of movement. This reality makes it a fantastic accent train for the barbell bench press.
  • Unilateral Higher Physique Energy: As with different diminished range-of-motion lifts like field squats, the ground press is a implausible train to focus on particular raise parts. With the dumbbell ground press, you’ve got an elevated capacity to deal with heavy masses within the prime half of the press to strengthen your triceps, chest, and anterior deltoid.
  • Improved Lockout Energy: There are two frequent weaknesses with the barbell bench press. One is simply above the chest, and the opposite is locking out the ultimate 1/3 of the press. Lockout energy is commonly a weak spot, leading to missed lifts, unstable lockout positions, or each. The dumbbell unilateral ground press is a good train to focus on this weak spot, as you may deal with heavier masses within the ultimate third of the raise.



The dumbbell ground press shouldn’t be a technical train and is easy to carry out, however that doesn’t imply you may’t screw it up. Listed below are 4 frequent errors that stop you from getting the very best out of this train.

  • You’re NOT In Management: Decreasing the load shortly, bouncing the higher arm off the ground, and twisting your torso to raise the dumbbell are certain indicators you’ve got misplaced management. This places you at larger harm threat and reduces muscle-building rigidity. Cut back the load, take your ego out of it, and raise with management.
  • Don’t Cut back The Vary Of Movement Any Additional: The dumbbell ground press is already a partial ROM raise, and by NOT touching your higher arm to the ground and pausing or reaching full lockout, kiss a few of your positive aspects goodbye.
  • Elbow Place: Having your elbow near the torso doesn’t give the chest and shoulder a lot room to maneuver. And flaring the elbows out places the shoulders at elevated harm threat and reduces the stress on the chest and triceps. As an alternative, having them at a 45-degree angle from the torso is a implausible urgent place.
  • Improper Setup And End: You understand, the dudes that drop the dumbbells on the bottom as soon as they’ve completed their set of dumbbell bench presses. Don’t be that man on the ground press as a result of it seems uncool and damaging to your shoulder. Rolling onto your facet to seize the dumbbell and rolling onto your facet to decrease the dumbbells after your set is the most secure option to carry out this raise. No exceptions.


Let’s begin with one apparent reality concerning the unilateral bench press. It’s not an absolute energy train however is fitted to hypertrophy, strengthening imbalances, and strengthening your bilateral urgent variations. IMO, coaching the unilateral ground press between the six to fifteen rep vary for 2 to 4 units as an adjunct transfer works nicely for many lifters.


Dumbbells and the ground press are a match made in train heaven. Nonetheless, there are different instruments and variations to extend the depth and prepare the chest and triceps in a different way for higher total muscle growth. Listed below are a couple of to take for a spin in your coaching.

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